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Hoshizaki has been introducing a variety of products including ice-makers to the market incorporating new technologies and creativities by boldly undertaking “challenges to the extreme” in accordance with our motto of “There is no corporate growth without our own original products.”since the establishment of our company in 1947.
At the same time, we have established a system whereby our entire group can serve each and every detailed need of our customers by focusing not only on manufacturing, but also on marketing and services.

Since the advent of the new century, “food” needs have become ever more diversified and a quick response has been sought to the changes from our industry. In response to this, Hoshizaki will be providing rapid, appropriate and high-quality services to our customers by further strengthening our system in order to deal with such trends. It is also our aim to become an “evolving corporation” capable of contributing not only to our customers but also to society by uniting all staff throughout our entire group.

We own production bases in the U.S. and Europe where we manufacture products in order to deal quickly with the needs of local customers, and have also made strides in improving our marketing and services system in those areas. Today our products serve a wide range of food requirements and are highly valued by many people in over 60 countries worldwide.

We continuously strive for further success as a much-beloved global brand by respecting communication with our customers above all, and maximizing the collective strengths of the unity between manufacturing and sales. Hoshizaki always keeps our maxim of “challenges to the extreme” in mind, tackles today’s trends head on, and endeavors to continuously change and evolve with the times. We will never fail to live up to your expectations.

Growth process
1947 创立星崎
1981 在美国加利福尼亚创立西海岸销售中心
1986 在美国乔治亚州桃树城开设第一家美国分厂,生产制冰机和储冰箱
1992 在荷兰阿姆斯特丹设立 HOSHIZAKI EUROPE B.V.
1998 设立北京事务所
1999 星崎总部、星崎总部工厂、岛根工厂、横田工厂、星崎美国通过ISO9001认证;星崎新加坡公司成立
2001 星崎日本国内全部工厂通过ISO14001认证;星崎美国格里芬工厂成立
2004 星崎冷热机械(上海)有限公司成立——中国大陆销售中心
2006 星崎电机(苏州)有限公司成立——中国大陆生产基地;并购美国品牌Lancer
2008 并购丹麦品牌Gram;星崎集团在东京第一证交所正式上市
2010 星崎台湾股份有限公司成立; 星崎香港有限公司成立
2012 星崎(中国)投资有限公司在上海成立
2013 并购美国洗碗机厂家Jackson; 并购巴西Macom公司; 成立星崎韩国公司; 并购印度Western公司
2014 成立星崎印尼公司
2015 成立星崎泰国公司; 并购中国浙江省爱雪制冰机器公司
2016 总公司正式更名为 星崎株式会社
2017 成立星崎菲律宾公司